Tuesday, November 6


We got a great idea at quilt market for the Steady Betty pressing system. They were suggesting using it for your needle point or embroidery to keep your hoops from moving. Such a wonderful idea I just thought I would pass it on. HAPPY QUILTING and please visit us at www.fabricquiltshop.com .

Friday, November 2

Moda's Market Party

Over the next couple of days I thought I would post some pictures of Moda's market party. It was so wonderful of Mr. Dunn to hold this for us and everyone really loved getting to visit with all our friends from Moda and with other shop owners. Don't forget to take a look at our new kits of MARMALADE and COLLECTIONS-WARMTH on our website and we've also added the line BUDDING BEAUTIES with great looking Hydrangeas. HAPPY QUILTING  www.fabricquiltshop.com

Thursday, November 1


Just had to snap this picture of  a quilt Fabri-Quilt had hanging in their booth. It has BUDDING BEAUTIES by Ro Gregg. There are such beautiful colors and I just love the purple. We have the whole line of fabric on our website and you can get the pattern form Fabri-Quilt's website.  HAPPY QUILTING.   www.fabricquiltshop.com